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Edu-Talent Fest 2017

A two days Edu Talent Fest 2017 was inaugurated by Ms. Suniti (I.P.S) S.P.(R.A) G.B.Nagar in Pragyan Public School, Jewar G.B.Nagar on 2nd December 2017. Mr.Jagat Ram Joshi C.O Jewar was the special guest of honour on this occasion.

Many other eminent Principals, educators, Managers, reporters, parents and students of various school of Sahodaya Schools Complex NCR (East) attendant the programme.

This two days fest has been organized by Pragyan Public School, Jewar under the aegis of Sahodaya Schools Complex NCR (East). The main objective of the fest is to Rise together. Sixteen schools with about 250 participants have participated.

The inauguration ceremony was started with a very educative and informative presentation of functioning of UN Assembly by the students of Pragyan Public School followed by a prayer dance on “Sarva Dharm Sambhaav.”

The Principal Mrs. Deepti Sharma in her address to the gathering elaborated the objects and aspects of “Sahodaya.” She also admired the kind presence of the chief guest Ms.Suniti (IPS) by telling more about the life achievements of her.

The Chief Guest in her address appreciated the efforts of all the schools to join together for better learning. She also interacted with the students and gave them very useful tips in their future endeavors. After a very eventful and colorful first day of Two days ‘Edu Talent Fest 2017’ in Pragyan Public School, Jewar under the aegis of Sahodaya School Complex NCR (East), the second day was even more competitive, informative and memorable.

The commendable works of art of the students of various schools of Sahodaya Group made it full of innovations, deep knowledge and tremendous entertainment.

2nd Day Begin with lighting the lamp to worship the goddess of knowledge Maa Saraswati Ji by the worthy Guest of Honour Shri J.K.Singh Ji Master Trainer CBSE and Shri Ravi Hardunia actor and casting Director from Mumbai. The fest reached to its extreme objectivity when the participating students presented their talent in competitive events like Sound of Silence, Edu Quiz, League of Nation, Envision, Plato Pondering, Endeavour, Future Entrepreneur, Ad-Venture, Entoons, Kaleidoscope and Astra Grace. All the students showcased their innovative ideas, entrepreneurship and multiple skills. They mesmerized the audience with their excellent work of oral, physical and nonverbal performances.

The main attraction came in the form of Closing Ceremony when the Chief Guest Sh. Thakur Dheerendra Singh Ji M.L.A. Jewar graced the occasion and was welcomed by the melodious orchestral beats played by the students of Pragyan. The students presented a very unique picture of ideas culture in Rajasthani Dance and a patriotic dance. Some important themes like girl child education and women empowerment were also staged in a dance by the girls of K.P.Public School, Khurja. Shri. Harish Kumar Sharma Ji Manager Pragyan Public School, Jewar in his welcome speech welcomed the Chief Guest and called him a true supporter of education system. He also expressed his heartfelt thanks to all the Principals and Managers, parents, teachers and students for their enthusiastic support. In his address to the assembly of all the audience, Chief Guest Thakur Dhherendra Singh Ji cherished the efforts of all the schools in the evolution of Sahodaya School Complex NCR (East). He promised all support for its further development.

He also gave away prizes, medals and certificates to the students, teachers and their schools for their outstanding performance in all the competitive events and for best Co-ordination.

Finally, The host Principal Mrs. Deepti Sharma Ji (Pragyan Public School, Jewar) gave a vote of thanks to the Chief Guest, Guests of honour, Principals, Managers, Educators, Parents, Reporters, Organising team members, service providers and all for their kind support. Thus the two days Edu Talent Fest 2017. Came to and end with the great moments of feeling of success.

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